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Les Cryer

Les's career started back in London England in 1993.  After looking for alternative methods to relieve the severe headaches and migraines of their eldest daughter,  Les found the huge benefits Massage Therapy had to offer and started on the path that would take him, his family and the company across Britain, Europe and North America.

Flash forward almost 30 years in the field of massage therapy, working with Olympic Athletes, Professional sports teams, thousands of clients and teaching students and professionals in Colleges around the world, Les truly has a wealth of knowledge and practical ability in understanding the body and helping people perform at their peak abilities, including the Therapists themselves. Not many Therapists can boast a thriving 30 year + practical career.

Les and his wife Sue have owned Clinics in UK and Canada and currently own and operate Britannia Hills Massage Therapy in Alberta, Canada. 

An Educator at heart, Les has taken his love of teaching not only in the courses he teaches but also instills the need to educate the clients about their own bodies and how to get the best out of them... This has made all the difference.

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